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Commonly Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of responses to our most commonly asked questions to ensure you have access to the right resources so you can make the decisions best for you. If you don’t find the answer you need below, feel free to contact us for more information.

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Questions Regarding Admission

How do we start the enrollment process for someone looking to get treatment for their addiction?

Starting the enrollment process is easy. All you have to do is contact our admissions specialists either online or by phone. When you contact us one of our specialists will work with you to determine the right level of treatment for your situation. They’ll also be available to answer questions you might have about both treatment options and how you can pay for treatment.

What options do I have if my loved one refuses to accept they need help and get treatment?

For your loved one to get the help they need to get and stay sober they must accept they need treatment for their addiction. If you find they are resistant to accepting this we can help. We can provide you with tools, language, and resources so you can express your concern with both clarity and encouragement. If you fear that won’t work we can also supply access to professionally trained interventionists if you are in Texas. Learn more about our interventionists and the process HERE.

In-Network Access

What is the average cost for addiction treatment at Infinite Recovery?

This is a great question. There is no one fixed cost for treatment. Every person we help comes to us with unique needs. That is why we tailor our treatment to their needs. However we understand cost is a concern. To help you get the answers you need for your situation we have an admissions team on staff who can help you with financing options, enrolling in insurance plans, and more. We’ll work with you to ensure we can provide the treatment needed without breaking the bank. Contact us to learn how.

Will you accept my insurance and will it be enough to cover the cost of treatment?

Here at Infinite Recovery we work hard to make sure treatment is accessible to everyone. That is why we accept most insurance carriers. What we suggest is calling us at (844) 394-2593 and we can verify your insurance benefits for free. Our team can work to discover the best fit for every client based on their unique situation.

Our Programs

What’s the average time for treatment, start to finish?

Everyone’s treatment journey is unique. That is why Infinite Recovery doesn’t provide set times. Each client has a treatment plan specifically tailored to their needs, issues, and recovery. What we can tell you is the longer a person participates in recovery the greater their chances of overcoming their addiction and enjoying lasting sobriety is. We provide different levels of treatment. This way our clients can engage with treatment as long as they need in a manner that matches their need. We also provide ongoing support through community events located here in Austin.

What kind of programs are offered at Infinite Recovery?

Our programs are built on the belief that we need to not only treat addiction but also help clients develop the resources they need to grow personally and transform their lives. To ensure this we provide a diverse range of programs and integrated speciality therapies to provide complete holistic healing ranging from therapy to healing underlying traumas, programs to build life and social skills, trauma healing yogic practices, and more. Learn more about why we use a holistic approach to recovery, learn about our 8 Dimensions of Infinite Wellness, and read about our specific speciality therapies.

Do your programs align with the 12-step approach?

When a client engages with Infinite Recovery addiction treatment we integrate key 12-step modalities, similar to those used in AA or DAA. We believe in tapping into the restorative power and ongoing support of meetings and the fellowship they provide.  We recognize the 12-step program has helped people get and stay sober for 100 years. However we practice individualized personal recovery that is tailored to each person’s situation where we address the 8 Dimensions of Wellness outlined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

What help do you provide so your clients can re-enter day to day life, the work force, or pursue ongoing education?

We want our clients to fully re-integrate into society and their lives. For most of our clients addiction is an interruption to their lives, education, and employment. When we work with emerging adults we help them learn to engage with sober forms of recreation, budgeting, to learning more basic things like shopping for groceries and preparing healthy meals. Our staff is also trained to help clients create resumes, identify and fill out applications, and even role play interviews. We provide similar assistance for people looking to restart their education. This includes filling out applications, applying for financial assistance, and learning key time management skills to prevent anxiety triggers that would cause them to return to drugs.

For the working professionals, our staff personalizes plans that help them manage stress proactively, create debt management plans to mitigate budget issues, and develops the skill to lead a positive work and recovery balance.

Does Infinite Recovery have systems in place to address mental health issues outside addiction?

We understand that addiction is often a symptom of other mental health issues. That is why we provide Master’s level therapists to help clients deal with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, and trauma. Our medical director is also a board certified psychiatrist trained to engage in care for a host of mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and schizophrenic disorders.

Is Infinite Recovery able to accommodate any legal issues clients might have?

Legal problems and substance abuse often go hand in hand. More so the strain of financial and legal issues can have negative impacts on a client’s recovery. That is why we retain in-house court services to help clients engage proactively in resolving any legal issues. These services are free to clients and satisfy the most strict court requirements.

What To Expect

What am I allowed to bring when entering recovery-oriented housing?

A majority of the things you will need during recovery we will provide for you while you stay with us. To ensure the best experience possible we recommend you bring the following:

  • One to two weeks of comfortable clothing. This includes everything from jeans, to t-shirts, tennis shoes, pajamas, robes, and workout clothes. If there are weather appropriate choices like jackets or coats bring those as well. If you are joining us in the summer feel free to bring a swimsuit. We suggest including one to two outfits appropriate for outdoor meetings or recreational events. To ensure your living space is uncluttered we limit what you can bring to two suitcases weighing no more than 50 lbs (each).
  • Any alcohol-free toiletries such as deodorant, floss, toothbrush, facial care, makeup, etc.
  • Any prescriptions required in their original containers.
  • Insurance cards and ID.
  • Everyday jewelry like a watch or wedding rings. We do provide lockers to store things but firmly suggest leaving valuables at home.

Pictures of your family, pets, items of spiritual or religious value, and meditation books. If it brings you hope or helps with encouragement we definitely suggest it.

Once the admission process has started you will be contacted by your counselor with a more detailed list outlining what to bring and what to leave at home. Some programs have certain items prohibited for safety’s sake. At check-in the admissions counselor will ensure you have everything appropriate and ready for your stay.

Are private rooms available while in treatment?

In general a private room is uncommon. If there is a special case we can arrange something with an admissions specialist to discuss any needs. To find out more Contact us for more information.

Am I allowed to have my phone and computer while in treatment?

We’ve found distractions impact the effectiveness of treatment. However we understand each client has unique needs. That is why our treatment team will work to see if phone or computer access is appropriate for treatment.

Once in treatment will I be able to talk with friends and loved ones?

We encourage communication with friends and loved ones. It is part of the recovery process. We might put brief restrictions on outside communications at treatments start but once treatment is under way we work to restore and repair relationships addiction has damaged. We also provide both family and couples counseling to help heal relationships.

Will I be allowed to smoke or vape during treatment?

We believe in encouraging the cessation of smoking. However, we do support recovery while using tobacco. If smoking is something the client wishes to do, they must either bring their products unopened upon admission or send them ahead. For people who vape, we only allow juices we can review before entering.

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