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Our Editorial Guidelines & Medical Review Process

As a highly respected addiction recovery center in Texas, we understand the magnitude of being a trusted source of medical information. At Infinite Recovery, our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of clients and their loved ones – and that extends to our published content.

Here is how we ensure we meet our high standards every time:

1. Our Contributors are Meticulously Selected

Published content on our website is medically reviewed by Doctoral level clinicians. Our content creators are vetted to ensure they hold a high level of medical expertise and experience.

2. Medical Information is Reviewed for Accuracy

All health related content found in our content library is reviewed for accuracy and quality. Our team of experts add an additional layer of experience in the form of clinical practice and life experience.

3. References are Cited From Peer Reviewed Science and Government Agency Resources Only

We thoroughly research any referential websites mentioned within our content to ensure that we only link to reputable sources that support medical information congruent with current medical evidence. We only reference peer reviewed science and government agency sources that are backed by data.

4. Previously Published Information is Regularly Reviewed

To keep our promise to provide only current medical information, our team regularly reviews our content library and updates previously published articles with the most accurate, relevant information.

Our Editorial Process

As one of Texas’ top addiction treatment providers, we’re committed to providing you the most up-to-date, relevant information possible. To ensure that we keep this promise to you, our content undergoes a rigorous multi-part process centered around four main pillars:

1. Information Must Be Evidence-Based

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, accuracy in information is critical. There is a lot of health misinformation on the internet, and we believe that as an addiction recovery center, it’s our responsibility to publish only evidence-based, accurate, and up-to-date information.
When you visit our website, you’ll find only research-backed, verified information written with references such as peer reviewed studies and updated medical journals.

2. Accessibility is Crucial

Understanding your health shouldn’t be overwhelming, especially when you or a loved one are in a vulnerable situation. At Infinite Recovery, we believe that health information should be fully inclusive, relevant, and presented in clear and understandable terms.

Undergoing addiction treatment is challenging both for the individual receiving treatment as well as their loved ones. We believe that you should have a full understanding of the medical terms, conditions, and treatment options available––without having to decipher medical jargon that isn’t relevant to you.

We call upon all Texas addiction treatment centers to publish information that is accessible to all audiences, and we’re here to lead by example.

3. Lead With Empathy and Understanding

If you or a loved one is looking for an addiction rehab center, you deserve to be met with the understanding and compassion you need. At Infinite Recovery, we know that addiction goes far beyond the physiological. We believe that leading with empathy helps to treat the whole person––physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

We strive to maintain these values within our published content. We work tirelessly to create content that helps to destigmatize addiction and addiction recovery treatment as well as provides immediately actionable information for those struggling with this disease.

4. Inclusivity & Relevance

Everyone’s journey with addiction recovery is different; that’s why we stand for inclusivity, not just within our drug addiction treatment facility, but within our online content.

We’re committed to providing health information that is relevant to all people battling addiction, and that means publishing unbiased, timely, and inclusive content for people of every walk of life.

Your Wellness is Our Highest Priority

At Infinite Recovery, our mission is to become your most trusted source of information regarding addiction, addiction recovery, and long-term support for both those struggling and their loved ones.

We work hard to continuously improve our editorial process and maintain the highest level of content standards. If you have any questions about our content process or if you’d like to make a suggestion on how we can continue to provide the best information possible, do not hesitate to contact us.

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